Gili Trawangan Lombok is one of the three Gili Islands of Meno, Trawangan and Air, situated off the East coast of Bali. Famous for their laid-back atmosphere, white sand beaches, crystal clear seas and turtles – lots of them! The islands are surrounded by fringing reef which supports a huge diversity of marine life which means that the diving on Gili Trawangan and snorkeling are year-round activities.

The Gili Islands were first populated by fishermen from Sulawesi and no-one is too sure exactly when they arrived. They first settled onto Gili Air due to it’s larger natural harbour and more fertile soil (being so much closer to Lombok’s Mount Rinjani volcano means they get more rain – hence the name ‘Air’, which means water in Indonesian). Tourism first started in the 1980’s, and mainly came to Trawangan first due to it’s proximity to the better dive sites. Since then, numbers of visitors have increased each year and Gili Meno and Gili Air are slowly catching Gili Trawangan up in terms of infrastructure and the choice of accommodation and restaurants.

Local law on the three Gili Islands prohibits the use of motorized transport. Instead everyone goes by foot, by bicycle or by ‘Cidomo’ (traditional horse and cart). Being a predominantly Muslim island means that we ask our visitors to be respectful of local customs – especially when it comes to clothing. As there are two mosques on the island, you will hear the call to prayer – usually five times a day, but can be more during religious festivals and Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of fasting which occurs in the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar.